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Studio Manager

Meet Nikolle, Frontier’s resident ray of sunshine and beacon of positivity. As our studio manager, Nikolle does a little bit of everything.

If it can be filed under “bringing joy to our team and our clients,” then it likely falls under her jurisdiction. In fact, Nikolle has a bit of a track record when it comes to spreading joy. Case in point: she once petitioned for peanut butter to be a mainstay at the waffle station in JMU’s dining hall. 

A lover of crossword puzzles, pumpkin muffins, and old school Sci-Fi, Nikolle believes that happiness can be derived from even the simplest sources. Her top two values? Sincerity and silliness, because she wants everyone to feel like they can be themselves around her.


In her dream parallel universe, Nikolle is starring on Broadway (preferably as Elphaba in Wicked).