Our Approach
If you want to change the way you work to achieve a different result, you need a partner that thinks differently than you (and every other consulting firm out there). No dated models, white papers, or thought leaders here.

We approach our work with a few basic tenets based on what we know about people and business.

Free the Mind

We disrupt echo chambers and break up the mental models that hold you back.

Flip the Script

We cut through the noise and monotony of the typical day to capture (and hold) people’s attention and spark their curiosity.

Tell the Story

We tell stories about your model employees to inspire belief and prove better is possible.

Make It Stick

We activate, infuse, and reinforce your culture throughout the employee lifecycle.

“I’ve seen a lot of Frontier’s work and every bit of it is modern, innovative, and relevant – exactly what today’s constantly evolving workplace needs. There are so many things that I love about working with Frontier but my favorite thing about the team is how skilled they are at understanding the client and our needs. They invest real effort and time getting to know us, our culture, and our unique challenges. Then, they turn that investment into valuable, meaningful solutions.”
SVP, Learning and Development
“Frontier is not just a hired gun that leaves you with a PowerPoint deck of recommendations. They provide those recommendations, but they immerse you and your team in the principles and approach behind any recommendation they provide. With that new level of understanding as a client, we could utilize the solutions they designed and build on them ourselves. If you are willing and open to this, Frontier will help you achieve project success and enrich your company while they do it.”
Chief Operating Officer
Property and Casualty Insurance Company
“Frontier isn’t a vendor – they’re a true partner that cares about the success of our teammates and our business as much as we do. I trust them implicitly.”
GVP, Leadership and Learning Development LeadeR
“What I truly appreciate about working with Frontier is the passion, creativity and imagination they bring to their work.  They help us expand our thinking and they encourage us to push ourselves further.  I know when we work with Frontier we will end up in a better place than where we started and we will enjoy the journey in getting there!”
Chief INformation Officer
Fortune 500 Global Manufacturing Company
“Your fresh perspective and laser focus on the project’s strategic objective sets you apart from the crowd. You guys make good ideas great.”
Global communications Director
Fortune 100 Consumer Packaged Goods Company
“Every time I have moved into a new role with a new company I have leveraged the incredible talent at Frontier. Our relationship is truly a partnership and I don’t use that word lightly. I can count on one hand the number of organizations I have worked with that I consider genuine partners. What makes Frontier unique is that they want to learn about your business and gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization. They take a holistic and creative perspective on how to make significant positive changes. They are brilliant subject matter experts who translate their knowledge into application-based solutions. Time and time again the solutions that Frontier has brought to the table have been transformative. Collaborating with Frontier has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”
Senior Director of Talent Development
Global Semiconductor Company
“Frontier are true, invested partners. They recognize the value of understanding our culture, our people and the “why” connected to the “how” to drive positive, impactful change. Their team delivers new and innovative ideas to solve the age old problem of positively changing human behavior to enable successful business transformation.”
VP Digital Workplace Services and Employee Experience
Fortune 500 Aerospace Company
How We're Different
Far from old-school (and B-School).
We’re not steeped in legacy thought leadership, and we don’t presume overly-complex frameworks will solve your problems. We’re nothing like the consultancies that have influenced much of corporate America—and that’s a good thing.
Impact early.
We don’t believe in waiting to make an impact. Unlike traditional consulting discovery, we find ways to learn about your culture and begin to change it at the same time. We talk to your leaders and push their thinking on the same call. We make sure every ounce of effort is a return on your investment.
Wisdom over white papers.
Academic prowess and expertise isn’t our end goal and it’s never where we start. Unlike the narrow frame often applied by thought leaders with a singular domain, we look at opportunities from a variety of angles and explore every nuance. We come ready with questions, rather than primed with answers. Wisdom comes from experience but also thoughtful humility—we apply both.
Practice, not preaching.
Anyone can tell you what makes a great culture, what drives employee engagement, and best practices for leading change. Information and knowledge are commodities our competitors peddle and academics preach. Our art is putting the science into practice. We create a wide variety of tools and experiences that move leaders and teams beyond awareness to action, from knowing to doing.
Real solutions, not rote sales.
We’re not here to tell you what you want to hear. Our business model isn’t to sell you the pedigree of where we used to work or work we’ve done before. We’re interested in solving your business issues, unlocking real possibilities, and doing work that inspires all of us to be better every day. If we all feel challenged, we’re working.
No mission, just an ambition.
We don’t have a mission to achieve a single outcome. We have an ambition to keep helping leaders like you do work that matters. Whatever it takes, that’s our life’s work.
Let’s do work worth doing.
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