At Frontier, we believe work should feel just like that. A source of joy.
This is Frontier.
Grant Millsaps
July 26, 2021

Recently, I was talking with Jamie, one of my business partners, and I shared that I felt like I was leading, writing, and creating more from my heart than my head lately. I feel as though I am finding the time to feel where we are just as much as I think about it. 

At Frontier, we believe work should feel just like that. A source of joy. A place where you can use your head and your heart. A space where you can do work you believe in. 

Like many of you, I found myself on the edge of my seat as I watched an American Football coach attempt to lead an English Premier League team to success. Ted Lasso was some of the best television of the entire pandemic. Perhaps one of the most endearing and likable lead characters in recent memory paired with a brilliant cast and an unexpected premise. 

I enjoyed the show for all of those reasons, but my true love lies in the countless leadership lessons buried within the episodes. Convincing a player that being “like a goldfish” might serve him well on the pitch. Playing darts with everything on the line for his boss, while reminding us all that curiosity goes a long way in every situation. The final master stroke by the writers is that each of these lessons and coaching moments is informed by one simple idea—Ted believes. 

He believes in the team, his staff, his owner, and in what is possible if everyone chooses to believe. He knows that belief is the critical prerequisite for change in sport and in life. He knows that if A.F.C Richmond is going to win and win often, they first have to believe they can. 

Frontier, like Ted, is in the business of belief. We help leaders, teams, and organizations do work that they believe in. Our first step, much like Ted’s, is to make sure our clients know that we believe in them. That with newfound belief, what they aspire to be is possible. 

We do that for our clients, and I am grateful to say my team has done that for me. Every day in subtle and not so subtle ways my team lets me know that they believe in me as their leader. You see, belief has to start somewhere with someone, but to be sustained it takes all of us. Because some days you (and I) don’t have what it takes. 

Doing work you believe in is one of the most important things you can do, but doing it with people who help you believe in it is just as important.