the TEAM
Senior Consultant & Narrative Strategy Lead

If life were a wallet, Hannah’s currency would be relationships and passport stamps.

As a card-carrying empath and globetrotter, Hannah has many gifts, but two in particular stand out: planning the perfect itinerary and asking the perfect question. This knack for getting to the heart of a person or project—the result of her genuine curiosity—makes her a natural in her role(s) at Frontier. It also means that a conversation with Hannah won’t stay on the surface for long. As consultant and facilitator, Hannah thoughtfully sherpas our clients towards a deeper understanding of themselves and others. As lead copywriter, Hannah deploys her love of wordsmithing, a craft she’s been honing since her childhood days of penning family newsletters.


Hannah once swam down a river in Brazil's Pantanal jungle, only to be told that the water was full of piranhas. (Did we mention courage is one of her top values?)