the TEAM
Jess Erwin
Senior Consultant & Chief of Staff

If you’ve ever received an email from Jess, you’ve likely taken note of her signature sign-off, “With Care, Jess.” And if you’ve ever met her, then you understand the significance.

Jess sets an example for the rest of us when it comes to sincerity and care—for her colleagues, for our clients, and for pretty much anyone with whom she crosses paths. If we’re handing out superlatives, Jess would be “most likely to call just to see how you’re doing.” It’s this gift combined with her affinity for processes and details that makes her the model Chief of Staff. She’s essentially air traffic control for all things Frontier. Chalk it up to the fact that her Venus is in Leo (to be honest, we’re not entirely sure what this means, but Jess can definitely explain).


Somewhere in a parallel universe, Jess is a hip hop backup dancer. J.Lo and Paula Abdul were her childhood idols.